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Nebula NGC 2170 in Monoceros

auteur: Tom Davis/Novapix

référence: a-neb21-70003

Image Size 300 DPI: 40 * 40 cm

This rich collection of predominantly reflection and sparse emission nebulosity exists in the western part of a vast star forming region known as the Mon R 2 association. The "R" designation stands for reflection and indicates an association of stars illuminating reflection nebulae. Most of the members of Mon R 2 are type B stars located along an east-west line stretching across 2 degrees of the winter sky, situated about 8 degrees east of the Orion Nebula. The Mon R 2 association resides at a distance of 830 pc and formed about 6 to 10 million years ago along the edge of the  Mon R2 molecular cloud. NGC2170 is a common nebula imaged and yet with long exposures it takes on a whole new look. Many of the nebulae seen here appear to be uncataloged and not previously imaged. This image has been carefully processed to reveal the many faint and dusty nebulae in this region of Monoceros.

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