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The Spitzer space telescope. Artwork

author: Nasa/JPL-Caltech/Novapix

reference: e-sou01-49003

Stellar Black Hole - Artist view

author: Mondolithic Studios/Novapix

reference: a-blh02-00026

Spiral galaxy M81 in Ursa Major

author: Jim Misti/Novapix

reference: a-gax30-31008

George Smoot

author: CERN/Claudia Marcelloni/Novapix

reference: p-sss13-00009

2020-09-03 Comet Neowise - The Great Comet of 2020
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Lionel Bret
Here is a selection of artworks made by Lionel Bret. To see all Lionel Bret's illustrations, write bret in search by author or click here.